Explode Your Lead Growth and Business Revenue with High-Converting QUIZ Funnels

Discover how Bucket.io® 3.0 + AI allows you to get more clients FASTER and SCALE your business!

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Bucket.io® AI is a Fully Integrated System That Helps You Go From Zero to Funnel, Presentation & Program FAST

Step 1 Design Your Market Message

Step 2 Create Your Irresistible Offers

Step 3 Design Your Program Delivery

Step 4  Script Your Entire Presentation

Step 5  Create Copy for Every Single Page

Step 6  Build Your Pages

Step 7  Connect it all Together

Market Message & Irresistible Offer Use the Power of Bucket + AI to Identify your Market's Challenges, Desires, and Objections and Quickly Generate Your High-Converting Irresistible Offer, Scripts, & Copy in Just a Matter of Minutes...

Model Canvas & Page Builder Take the Message, Offer, Scripts, & Copy and combine it with the power of Canvas & Builder to design your entire Business Model, create all your Pages, and build your entire Funnel in a Matter of Minutes...

What used to take Months or Even YEARS... Now Takes Just MINUTES

PLUS Get Access to All of These Benefits:

Unlimited Pages with BucketPages

Unlimited Funnels with BucketFunnels

Unlimited Products with BucketCart

Unlimited Quizzes with BucketQuizzes

Unlimited Surveys with BucketSurveys

PLUS Advanced Features Like:

  • Drag-and-Drop Funnel Builder
  • Quizzes and Funnel Templates
  • Checkout & Payment Functionality
  • Detailed Analytics for Every Step
  • 1000+ Software Integrations
  • Pixel Segmentation™ & Facebook Integration
  • GDPR Compliance & Multi-Language Support
  • UTM Tracking, Google Analytics, Facebook CAPI Integration
  • Field Logic & Customer Merge Fields
  • Real-Time Lead Scoring™

BucketCanvas Simple drag-and-drop lets you design your entire business model and funnel to transition someone from a prospect to a paying client: the steps, the phases of your entire funnel, designed all in one place. 

Bucket AIFreestyle AIFreestyle lets you explore topics and ideas before you build your blueprints. Use AI as your assistant to do market research, generate ideas, write content, and more.  

Bucket AIBlueprints This BRAND-NEW functionality lets you enter a few simple pieces of information, and then uses the power of AI to create your ENTIRE funnel, including all of the copy and content, with just a few clicks of a button. 

BucketPages Whether you start from scratch or use one of our prebuilt templates, you can design EVERY PAGE right inside bucket.io, eliminating the need for external page-building software. With Page Builder, you can customize everything—headlines, copy, videos, images, the offer—and even create different versions of your funnel pages based on a person’s QUIZ answers.

BucketFunnels Map out your funnel flow, add and remove pages, quizzes, segmentation, lead capture, and even connect to your cart pages or call booking funnels.

BucketCart Yes! Bucket also includes a FULL shopping cart that is optimized for conversion so that you can take payments right there inside the software, whether it’s for your application or your program. Works seamlessly on desktop and mobile devices, with integrated checkout options through Stripe, PayPal, and Authorize.net.

Integrations Bucket has native integrations with dozens of platforms including Zoom, Calendly, Facebook, and more, PLUS a Zapier API gives you the ability to integrate directly with over 2000+ marketing applications. 

Analytics Detailed analytics let you track EVERYTHING within your funnels, from conversion rates and drop off on your quiz, opt-in rates, page conversions, and more. This helps you both learn a ton about your audience and identify the biggest opportunities in your business at the same time.

Quizzes and Segmentation Bucket.io is the most powerful enterprise-level software for building QUIZ Funnels, segmentation funnels, and surveys. In bucket.io, you can create “buckets” to segment your audience. Buckets are the best way to determine EXACTLY the type of content, follow up, and products to sell to each and every lead or customer.

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