Explode Your Lead Growth and Business Revenue with High-Converting QUIZ Funnels


This is the lead generation solution you have been waiting for. bucket.io 2.0 is the most powerful ENTERPRISE level software for building QUIZ Funnels. We’ve been secretly building 2.0 over the last 18 months...


Connect Seamlessly with Your Tools

The power of bucket.io 2.0 doesn’t end with your QUIZ funnels. Extend the power of our software with native integrations in the following email providers, webinar software, and automation tools:

Not seeing your tool on the list?
No problem! We have dozens more integrations through Zapier.

The Numbers Speak for Themselves

4K+ Customers
132K+ Funnels Built
82M+ Quiz Takers
47 Languages

Features that Grow Your List

With bucket.io 2.0, every feature was built from the ground up to grow your list and create revenue opportunities.


Announcing Brand-New Features


This brand-new, fully customizable shopping cart experience provides custom checkout pages and custom 1-click upsell flows ALL based on a person's QUIZ answers. The QUIZCart feature works seamlessly on desktop and mobile devices, with integrated checkout options through Stripe, PayPal, and Authorize.net.


Enhanced Ad Integrations (cAPI)

Introducing a brand-new server-side integration with the Meta Conversion API. Use this feature to build stronger signals between ad platforms like Facebook and Instagram, enabling you to drive more affordable conversions and more exact custom audiences.


Bucket Canvas

Canvas makes building your Quiz easy! Whether you’re creating a simple or more complex Quiz, Canvas’ visual interface is easy to use, intuitive, and allows you to see your entire QUIZ Funnel in one place. View, edit, or rearrange your landing pages, questions, buckets, lead generation forms, and outcome pages on one screen.


Bucket Page Builder

Whether you start from scratch or use one of our prebuilt QUIZ Funnel templates, you can design EVERY PAGE right inside bucket.io, eliminating the need for external page-building software. With Page Builder, you can customize everything—headlines, copy, videos, images, the offer—and even create different versions of your funnel pages based on a person’s QUIZ answers.


Template Library

Not to brag, but our landing page templates are the MOST incredible designs in the industry. We spent top dollar to make sure bucket.io 2.0 gives you an edge with high-converting page designs, right out of the box.

No more wasting time trying to be a designer AND run your business…

Simply select from the ever-growing library of designs we provide. In a few clicks, your page will be ready to launch on your funnel.

Not a Coder? No Problem!

See REAL-LIFE examples of how people in all kinds of markets and industries have used bucket.io to accelerate their businesses:


Maeve Ferguson created a 6-Figure Coaching Business using a QUIZ


Jodi Daniels, data and privacy expert, built a 7-figure consulting business on the back of her quiz

Ecommerce Sellers

Snack Nation generates over $24M per year, tripled their revenue, and cut their cost per lead through their QUIZ funnel.

Agency Owners

Marvin Leventhal generated 47,000 leads in just 3 months on his FIRST quiz, and now has a lucrative business building quizzes for clients

Affiliate Marketers

Jeff Radich & Marc Stockman are getting 103,254 leads per DAY on their Metabolic Killers QUIZ

Total Beginners

Neil Gordon went from driving for LYFT to scaling a successful business with his “Public Speaker Type” quiz


Linda Basso launched her quiz 6 months after having a baby and generated 230 leads for her consulting business in less than 14 days!


Adam Willingham is a freelancer who builds Quizzes for clients - he landed a $10,000 client!


Marion Owen went from ZERO to 6,000 leads in less than 6 months in the gardening niche


Alisha Das 5x’ed her email list in just 30 days, using her QUIZ…

Health Professionals

Jo Formosa increased her weekly revenue with her quiz and built a list of over 10,000 leads and counting!

Service Providers

Dev Basu's digital marketing agency used a QUIZ to get clients to sign up for his $5k/month+ packages, and landed them 5th in Canada's Top 10 Growth Companies.

Course Creators

Charlie Wallace built a 7-figure business in the guitar training niche on the back of his QUIZ Funnel.


Beverly Asante Puschmann is a long-distance runner who built an eager waitlist of over 1,000 leads for her first book, enabling her to launch at #1 in her chosen categories

Large Companies

Loan Builder QUIZ Funnel Assessment generated over 20,000 Customers and led to a $183M PayPal acquisition.


Donna Schwartz turned her passion for teaching saxophone into a $150,000/year business!

Local Business Owners

Greg Lee has a brick and mortar healing center, and now his online business is generating consistent monthly revenue with his quiz!


Segment Your Audience

It’s our name for a reason. In bucket.io, you can create “buckets” to segment your audience through your QUIZ Funnel. Buckets are the best way to determine EXACTLY the type of content, follow up, and products to sell to each and every lead or customer.


Learn EXACTLY What Your Customers Want

With a discovery funnel in bucket 2.0, you ASK existing and potential customers open-ended QUESTIONS that give you valuable insights. Discover the EXACT words your customers use to describe their pain points so you can then write ad copy, emails, and landing pages to speak to your market and build trust.


Analytics to Optimize & Collect Data

The business with the most data WINS. In bucket.io 2.0, you can collect data through multiple touchpoints. Optimize your QUIZ with analytics down to the question level. Use your data to continually drive better results with your QUIZ Funnel.


Easy-to-Implement Branching & Field Logic

Want to only show specific questions to your different segments? The bucket.io 2.0 logic engine uses sophisticated features like branching and field logic so you can create advanced QUIZZES that branch users to different paths based on their answers to each question.


All the Features You Need to Grow Your Digital Business in Real Time