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Partners & Customers

Create Your Discovery Survey

  • Begin by learning more about your audience.
  • Use the simple drag and drop functionality to create your survey questions in minutes.

  • Customize the look and feel to match your brand / website.

  • Use powerful analytics, including Word Clouds, to analyze your data and create your buckets.

Segment Your Leads

  • Build a Segmentation Funnel to attract, capture and organize new leads into specific buckets based on their answers to your questions.
  • Automatically integrate with your Email Service Provider, like MailChimp, ActiveCampaign, Infusionsoft etc.

  • Easily deploy advanced features such as Branching Logic and Multiple Outcome Mapping to create sophisticated quizzes, assessments and diagnostics.

Watch Your Audience Grow

  • Attract more people to fun and interesting quizzes, assessments and surveys.
  • Increase conversions, because now your offer feels like it has been tailored to each person’s exact needs.

  • Use advanced features like Pixel Segmentation™ to segment and convert people even if they leave your funnel before giving you their email address!

“Over 12,000 New Leads…

“Robust Features. Simple Setup. Within Minutes, We Were Segmenting Our Audience and Have Now Generated Over 12,000 New Leads…

Michael Hyatt

#1 NY Times Best-Selling Author Featured in WSJ and USA Today

“I’ve Fallen in Love with this Software…

“I’ve Fallen in Love With this Tool. I Use it to Build Segmentation Funnels for ALL My Clients. Smooth. Clean. Simple…

Sharon Langshaw

Digital Marketing Funnel Consultant

“Increased Cold Traffic Conversion by 49.6%…

“After Switching to, We Increased Our Funnel Conversion Rate by 49.6% on Cold Traffic. By Far THE Best Tool for Building Quiz Funnels, Surveys, & Assessments. Period.

Will Hamilton

Featured on TV’s Tennis Channel Over 50 Million YouTube Viewers

Join the FREE Quiz Funnel Workshop

In the FREE Quiz Funnel Workshop, you will discover the best converting Quiz Funnels, Templates, Mindmaps, and Real-Life Case Studies for YOUR Business…

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Discover. Segment. Convert.

More than 80% of marketers say their lead generation is only slightly or somewhat effective.

That means most marketing just ISN’T working.

The solution? Segmentation. is the simple, effective way to segment and convert your audience using powerful quizzes, assessments and surveys.


Use Surveys To Find Out What Your Audience Really Needs


Create a Funnel To Automatically Segment Your Audience Into Buckets


Get Better Conversions By Being More Relevant To Each Bucket

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