Why bucket.io?

bucket.io is the simple, effective way to segment and convert your audience using powerful quizzes, assessments and surveys. For more information, download these 7 Lead-Generating “Quiz Funnel” Templates.

Easy-To-Use Templates

Choose one of our pre-made, ready-to-roll templates to get your funnel, quiz, survey or assessment up and running in minutes!

Customizable Design Features

Your brand is important. With bucket.io you can easily customize images, colors, logos and more to create the look you want.

Enables "Hyper" Targeting

Using bucket.ios revolutionary Pixel Segmentation™ get an unrivaled edge when advertising and re-targeting on Facebook.

Advanced Analytics

Gain insights into your customers that you’ve only ever dreamed about with Word Clouds, Google Analytics Integration and more!

Easy-To-Use Templates

Need to create a customer survey? Have a lead magnet you want to build a sales funnel around? Wanting to help people choose the right product on your website?

We’ve got easy-to-use Templates, which you can add to your bucket.io account with the click of a button. And with just a couple more clicks you can customize it to be EXACTLY what you want.

  • Choose from a range of templates

  • Add your own images, text and questions

  • Use your own sales pages or create them in bucket.io

  • Be up and running in minutes with a beautiful survey, funnel or quiz!

Customizable Design Features

Many survey tools are extremely limited when it comes customizable design features. But with bucket.io you can create highly visual quizzes, funnels and surveys using our sleek and user-friendly drag and drop interface.

No “cookie-cutter” approach here! Make your pages look beautiful, engaging and unique to you!

  • Choose from 5 Styles: Button, Full Page, Splash, Entry, & Exit

  • Add your own images, logos and backgrounds for both questions and answers

  • Multiple question types, including radio select (choose one), checkbox (choose multiple), short text, and long text

  • Easily add sophisticated “branching logic” to show people different questions based on their answers to previous questions

  • Choose to segment participants based on the combination of their answers from multiple questions (scoring)

  • Direct participants to your own customized sales pages based on their results

Enables “Hyper” Targeting

Using bucket.ios revolutionary Pixel Segmentation™ you can get even more accurate and powerful targeting using Facebook Ads.

  • Build custom audiences to follow-up with survey/quiz participant even if they don’t provide their email address

  • Build campaigns based on quiz drop-off points

  • Find the MOST profitable respondents to your quizzes and surveys and build re-targeting campaigns JUST for those people, based on their answer combinations

  • Powerful hyper-targeting allows you to reduce cost per lead and increase conversions

  • Enable your ads to speak more specifically to your ideal customers than ever before

Advanced Analytics

Gain insights into your customers that you’ve only ever dreamed about with Word Clouds, Google Analytics Integration and more!

  • Detailed conversion and participant data, including highly visual and informative Word Clouds

  • Automatically identify your most responsive participants

  • Sort by custom variables, including custom date ranges

  • See drop-off at each question and easily find optimization points in your funnel

  • Integrate with Google Analytics and 75+ ESPs for further targeting and tracking

“bucket.io gets my double thumbs up…

“I’m not a tech person but the bucket.io interface is super friendly and helped me 5X the size of my list. If only every software platform could cater to my needs in this way!”

Alexis Fedor

Artist, Entrepreneur, Podcaster Artists in Business

“The support is amazing!…

“We had an existing 7-question quiz funnel, that was doing VERY well (getting up to 1,000 leads a day!), but we knew we needed the right tool to help us take it to the next level. We chose bucket.io and the support we received was amazing!”

Jamal Miller

Founder, marriedandyoung.com

“Saves me paying for a custom developer…

“I used to need 5 different tools to do the same thing bucket.io does now for a fraction of the cost. And I don’t have to pay a custom developer to create all the really cool things I want do do with my campaigns, like Pixel Segmentation. It’s an AMAZING tool and I love it!”

Laura Phillips

Digital Marketing Coach & Success Mentor Lauraphillips.co.uk

More Features

Build & Design

  • User-Friendly Survey & Funnel Templates
  • Elegant Drag & Drop Interface

  • Customizable Design Features

  • Integration with 75+ ESPs


  • Customizable Simple or Complex Surveys
  • Easy-To-Create Quizzes & Assessments

  • Advanced Branching Logic

  • Multi-Question Scoring & Outcome Mapping

Enterprise-Level Features also available.

Contact us for more information.


  • Facebook Pixel Segmentation
  • Powerful Analytics & Reporting

  • Conversion-Increasing Sales Pages

  • Product Specific User Outcomes

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