Explode Your Lead Growth and Business Revenue with

High-Converting QUIZ Funnels. Want to find out how?

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Explode Your Lead Growth and Business Revenue with

High-Converting QUIZ Funnels. Want to find out how?

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This is the lead generation solution you have been waiting for. Bucket.io 2.0 is the most powerful ENTERPRISE level software for building QUIZ funnels. We’ve been secretly building 2.0 over the last 18 months...

Why QUIZ funnels?


Features that grow your list

With bucket.io 2.0, every feature was built from the ground up to grow your list and make you more money.

Bucket Canvas

Canvas allows you to both build and see your entire QUIZ funnel all in one place. Simply drag elements on the left-hand side onto the canvas and create your quiz flow in real time.

You can add landing pages, questions, buckets, lead generation forms, and outcome pages in a visual canvas that lets you see your entire funnel in one view. Make edits to the flow by dragging connecting elements into a different order.

Whether you’re looking to create something simple - like a one question QUIZ...
Or something more complex - with multiple questions, conditional branching logic, question scoring, weighting, and different paths and outcome pages based on a person’s answers, Canvas allows you to quickly lay everything out and connect all the pieces through a simple, easy-to-use, intuitive interface.


Bucket.io Page Builder

Start from scratch or use one of our pre-built funnel templates. Either way you start, every page design is completely customizable with our drag-and-drop builder.

The page builder is an intuitive method where you can create any page design you can imagine. Want to match your brand colors? In a couple clicks, done. Switch out the background? Select from your library of previously used images or upload a new one.

With a fully-customizable drag-and-drop page builder, you can literally design and build every single one of your funnel pages - pre-quiz and post-quiz - right inside of bucket.io... replacing the need for any external page building software.

You can also create different versions of your funnel pages, based on a person’s QUIZ responses… allowing you to customize everything from headline, copy, video, images, the actual offer, and more.

Template Library

Not to brag, but our landing page templates are the MOST incredible designs in the industry. We spent top dollar to make sure bucket.io 2.0 gives you an edge with high-converting page designs, right out of the box.

No more wasting time trying to be a designer AND run your business…

Simply select from the ever-growing library of designs we provide. In a few clicks, your page will be ready to launch on your funnel.

Template library
Quiz funnel

QUIZ Funnels for Any Business

Digital Course? High-ticket Offer? E-Commerce? B2B? Yep, we’ve got you covered.

bucket.io has been used across every niche imaginable. Our co-founder, Ryan Levesque has created QUIZ funnels in over 23 markets.

With how flexible the page builder is, you can create any type of page you can imagine: Email capture page… e-commerce product page… long-form sales letter… webinar registration page… video page to sell your product… to book an appointment… to visit your store… Any type of page you can imagine.

No matter what industry your business is in, there is a template in bucket.io 2.0 to quickly create and launch high-performing QUIZ funnels.

  • E-Commerce
  • Digital Products
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Coaching & Consulting
  • Agency & Freelancing
  • High Ticket Programs
  • Selling via Webinar
  • Product Launches
  • Or Phone Appointments
  • Whether You’re a Local Business
  • Large Multinational Company
  • Or Complete Beginner!

Segment Your Audience

If your best friend spoke to you like a stranger, how would that make you feel? So, how can you expect your audience to trust you when you speak to everyone the same?

With QUIZ funnels built in bucket.io 2.0, your customers and leads will be amazed at how customized your content is for their specific situation and needs.

This is what makes QUIZ funnels SO powerful. You can create “buckets” to segment your audience. It’s our name for a reason. Buckets are the best way to determine EXACTLY the type of content, follow up, and products to sell to each and every customer and lead.


Connect Seamlessly with Your Tools

The power of bucket.io 2.0 doesn’t end with your QUIZ funnels. Extend the power of our software with native integrations in the following email providers, webinar software, and automation tools:

Not seeing your tool on the list? No problem! We have dozens more integrations through Zapier.

Basic settings

Learn EXACTLY What Your Customers Want

With a discovery funnel in bucket.io 2.0, you can stop guessing what your market wants.

Ask existing and potential customers open-ended questions that give you valuable insights. This data is like gold for your business.

Thinking about launching a new product or service? With a discovery funnel, you can easily discover the EXACT words your customers use to describe their pain points.

Writing ad copy, emails, and landing pages just got 100x easier. Discover the perfect words from your market, not your mind.

Your customers will be saying “Wow, it’s like you are IN my brain!” and that builds trust.

Analytics to Optimize & Collect Data

The business with the most data wins. We believe deeply in data and have created multiple ways for you to collect data in bucket.io 2.0.

Optimize your QUIZ, with analytics down to the question level. Use this data to continually get better results with your QUIZ.

Field logic

Sophisticated Branching & Field Logic

Want to only show specific questions to your segments? No problem. The bucket.io 2.0 logic engine is able to use advanced features like branching and field logic.

With this functionality, you can create advanced quizzes that branch users to different paths based on how they answer each question.

Your customers will feel like the funnel is tailored to their exact answers and needs, leading to them trusting you more as they take your QUIZ.

ALL the Features You Need to Create Gorgeous, Highly-Converting QUIZ Funnels

  • Professional templates for any niche
  • Easy funnel flow editor
  • Drag-and-drop page builder
  • QUIZ Analytics (down to the question level)
  • Facebook pixel integration
  • Segmentation in your ESP
  • Integration to external tools
  • Field logic
  • Branching/skipping logic
  • ... and MORE

QUIZZES That Convert

Funnel convertion

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